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“Start for Innovation and Technology”
Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund


Change as innovation

ALT Start is a training and mentoring program for future entrepreneurs and is oriented towards turning creative ideas (technology based) into successful businesses. The reason for running such an initiative: there is unidentified creative potential | The businesses from current industries are not sufficient anymore | the startups are significantly contribution to the economic growth in the creative sector.

ALT Start represents an initiative of Innovation an Technology Cluster - ALT Brasov, who aims to sustain the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a whole and to place Brasov as a development destination for the startups in the creative industry.



At the first edition, ALT Start aims to bring together top entrepreneurs, developers, designers, specialists in applied research, inventors, a mixture of professionals and enthusiasts who can lead and create a mass of startups, companies and initiatives involving IT and creative industries.


Creative people who are passionate about technology and are willing to develop a technology based business.


Searching for suitable investors depending on the business’s structure and target market


Start-ups, developers, architects, designers, entrepreneurs, team leaders or simply people working in the creative industries - are expected to ALT Start to learn how to turn their (technology based) creative ideas into successful businesses.


Speakeri | Mentori | Investitori

Bogdan Colceriu

CEO Frisbo
CMO Okian
Co-founder Trilulilu


Tiberiu Craciun
Co-founder Sitedity
CEO Happysoft
Co-founder Livebooks

Matei Dumitrescu 
TechAngels | Romanian representative - Investment Ready Program | Owner – Graal Soft

Dragos David

Director Brasov Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development


Claudiu Gamulescu 
Managing Partner - Europe Internet Invest, Owner -, Manager -

George Dita
Startups Programs Manager - How to Web | Supporter of tech innovation in Eastern Europe

Horia Grozea

Director Card Payments at NETOPIA System

Florin Grozea

Founder - Digital Mashrooms | Founder - Hit Yourself Consulting | Artist and Composer, Online Entrepreneur, Writer

Florin Jianu 
Owner advice projects | President of European Union of Young Entrepreneurs | President Young Entrepreneurs Association from Romania

Monica Jiman

Deputy CEO - Pentalog, IT entrepreneur, Start-up investor, French Foreign Trade Advisor Section Romania

Roxana Manzatu 

Secretary of State - Ministry of European Funds Fondurilor Europene

Marius Mitroi

Head of Innovation Funding Department - Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding - UEFISCDI


Ciprian Necula 
Secretary of State - Ministry of European Funds


Dragos Nicolaescu 
Business Mentor | Executive Coach | MN Consultant


George Popescu 
Startup Mentor - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) | Adviser Alt-Options LLC | CEO and Co-Founder - Down the Road Brewery


Ana Onu

Project Manager, Business Adviser, R&D, SMEs - INIMM 


Gregory Rondin Director
"Technology for Equity" program - Designed for startups Pentalabbs

Mihai Seceleanu

Co-founder & Chairman of the Board - InternetCorp


Ovidiu Vranceanu

owner - BizBrasov


Mentori Alt Brasov

Ovidiu Balcacian
Co-founder DR Consultants

Camelia Codarcea

co-founder, AgileHub

Mihai Dumitrescu

CEO Rosoftlab

Cornel Fatulescu

Directeur Technique SI Pentalog

Doru Ilasi

community builder at Prolinux NGO

Catalin Ionascu

owner Romanian Copywriter

Alex Manolescu 
Software developer at Demandware Mentor Architect at OSF Global Services

Laurentiu Mihai

Co-founder The Pharmacy

Paul Mijoiu

Managing Director Diginesis

Ionut Tata
President ALT Brasov
President Iceberg
Founder Hub Onezero




The program offers an OPEN DAY, for all those that want to find out more about the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Romania, as well as 5 days of trainings and workshops .

For subsciption please fill in the for bellow.

14:00 Presentations. Who’s who?
17:30 Guest talk: Why now & here is the best time & place to do a Startup
20:00 What the next days are all about
14:00 Speakers talk

Keynote Speaker:
Laszlo Gulyas Head of Division at AITIA International, Inc.

Cornel Fatulescu - Director Tehnic Pentalog
Camelia Codarcea - cofounder Agile HUB

15:00 The customer & his problems and needs, Market size & competition, Partners & Suppliers
16:00 Your team & who you are missing
17:00 What management is all about
18:00 Webinar Fabolous Program

Marie Bourdon

FABulous aims to create and support a FI service ecosystem for 3D printing technologies, bringing together infrastructures and investors with innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of design, manufacturing, logistic and content-based services.

19:00 Webinar Finodex Program

Youssef Sabbah

Finodex is a Fiware accelerator that selects, funds and provides support services to projects from SMEs & Web Entrepreneurs building upon the FIWARE technology and reusing Open Data.

Our first open call has attracted 196 proposals and 49 projects have been selected to receive funding and support.

14:00 Speakers talk

Keynote Speaker:
Tiberiu Crăciun Co-founder Sitedity | CEO Happysoft | Co-fondator Livebooks
Gregory Rondin Director - 'Technology for Equity' program - Designed for startups

Paul Mijoiu CEO Diginesis
Alex Manolescu Software developer and Demandware Architect at OSF Global Services

15:00 Vision: What it needs to do
16:00 How it is better than the others
17:00 The Minimum Viable Product
18:00 Reality check: how fare you really are
19:00 What infrastructure you need
14:00 Speaker talk

Keynote speaker:
Bogdan Colceriu CEO Frisbo | CMO Okian | Co-founder Trilulilu
Matei Dumitrescu TechAngels | Romanian representative - Investment Ready Program |
Owner – Graal Soft

Ovidiu Balcacian co-founder DR Consultants
Laurentiu Mihai co-founder The Farmacy
Cătălin Ionascu owner Romanian Copywriter

15:00 The right marketing mix
15:30 Distribution channels
16:00 Public relations
16:30 Taking care of your customers
17:00 Marketing strategy
17:30 Go-to-market strategy for your MVP
18:00 Build your network
19:00 Networking & lobying
14:00 Speakers talk
14:30 Business plan. Pricing strategies
15:30 Your revenue & your costs
17:00 Financing sources
18:00 How to create a pitch for BA
19:00 Pitch simulation
10:00 Business Angels Speeches
11:00 FINAL PITCH Elevator pitch | The problem. | The solution. | Market. | Business model. | Competition. | Market strategy. | Team. | Traction.
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 FINAL PITCH Elevator pitch | The problem. | The solution. | Market. | Business model. | Competition. | Market strategy. | Team. | Traction.
16:00 Final feedbacks. Wrap up session.


ALT Start is organized by ALT Brasov - Innovation and Technology Cluster. The Cluster established in 2013 and wants to develop, promote and support innovative industries in the central region of Romania.  ALT Brasov initiatives will provide economic development and value-added for Brasov at national level also through the support that we provide to entrepreneurs, investors and innovators by connecting them to the global market.

The Cluster brings together 25 members - renown companies in the IT&C indutry: Pentalog România, Diginesis, Rosoftlab, Siemens, Telekom, BIT Software, Flashnet, Profiles International etc. | Catalysts:Iceberg, Firestarter, Agile Hub, Brasov Metropolitan Agency , Brasov Chamber of Commerce and Industry si Transilvania University.


Kronwell Hotel is a business hotel through ambiance and design. It has excellent facilities for any person that’s coming to Brasov for business reasons, starting with the high speed WIFI provided throughout the hotel, smart TV, wireless keyboard that can be connected to the tablet up to the conference rooms where you can hold meetings or business events.



Bdul Garii, no. 7, Brasov, Romania 500203

ALT BRASOV - Innovation and Technology Cluster

Str. Lunga 100, Brasov, Romania 500058
Telephone: +40 368 450 251
Fax: +40 372 873 690


The event participation is free by registering through this form

The first day - OPEN DAY an the last day - WRAP UP DAY are open to all those that want to know more about the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Romania, to learn from the participants pitches and get a better understanding about why some startups succeed and others don’t.

If you want to participate with your team to the 5 days of trainings and workshops held by specialists, we will give you more information after the registration.

The highlighted fields are mandatory. Please fill the entire form.

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Alt Brasov members


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